On the first week of activity, Elle and Bea came to the admins with an idea for the first site event: a party hosted by Lydia Scott and Anabella Tagarro. This event began on April 13, 2012 in real time. On the site, this event took place on September 20. The party was hosted at Anabella Tagarro's beach house.

The HighlightsEdit

  • Rose Scott got drunk with Grace Evans.
  • Ellie Scott invited Jude Baker to the party in a platonic sense. This party is where they had their first kiss.
  • Anabella Taggaro got drunk and kissed Evan Tyler for the first time.
  • Carson Adams and Logan Evans went together and spent much of the night flirting.
  • During a game of Never Have I Ever, it is revealed that Ellie and Logan slept together. It is also revealed that Jude had a crush on Ellie and Carson had a crush on Logan.
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